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Empower Your Love Story: Elevate Your Dating Life with a 12-Week Journey of Self-Discovery for Single Women!


Dali Mastermind is a 12-week group program exclusively created for single women who are seeking a profound dating transformation and a journey of self-discovery.


Through this comprehensive program, participants will gain valuable insights into their desires and long-term vision for love and lifestyle. They will embark on a transformative process that cultivates an abundant mindset, boosts confidence in partner selection, and equips them with essential dating skills to find their Mr. Right.


Covering a wide range of crucial topics, Dali Mastermind guides participants in developing effective communication strategies, setting healthy boundaries, navigating online dating platforms, and enhancing overall relationship dynamics. By delving into these key areas, participants will experience significant personal growth and empowerment.


Upon completion of the program, participants can expect remarkable outcomes. They will gain a deeper understanding of their own needs and desires in a relationship, enabling them to make more informed choices when it comes to selecting a compatible partner. Armed with newfound confidence and skills, they will be well-equipped to navigate the dating world, attract a suitable partner, and build a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


Meet Sonia B. Ansah 

Sonia B. Ansah is the founder of Dali, program facilitator and a Dating coach, who helps clients foster healthy relationships and create their dream lives.


What sets Sonia's coaching apart is her remarkable relatability. Having experienced her own share of highs and lows in the dating arena, she deeply understands the challenges people face when searching for love. Sonia has endured heartbreak, but she has also tasted the sweetness of discovering genuine love. This firsthand knowledge fuels her commitment to guiding others on their journey to fulfillment and happiness in relationships.

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Module One: Unveil Your Radiance: A Journey of Self-Discovery

A transformative module that guides individuals in exploring their true potential, passions, and purpose. Through engaging exercises and reflective prompts, participants uncover their authentic selves and cultivate self-compassion for a life filled with fulfilment and joy.

 Module Two: Heart's Desire: Mastering the Art of Choosing the Right Man

A module that empowers individuals to make wise choices in romantic relationships. Participants gain insights and practical tools to understand their desires,  and build fulfilling connections based on compatibility and mutual respect.


Module Three: The Dating Blueprint: Unlocking Key Skills for Success 

A comprehensive module that provides individuals with essential skills and strategies for successful dating. From effective communication to building self-confidence, participants gain valuable insights and practical tools to navigate the dating landscape with confidence and create meaningful connections.


Dali Mastermind Packages 



-  Weekly Live group coaching call

 - Video replay 

- Program handbook 

- Intimate Supportive network

- Potential suitor introduction (not guaranteed).

- Exclusive savings on all DALI events!


Cost: £399




  -Weekly Live group coaching call

 - Video replay 

- Program handbook 

- Intimate Supportive network

- Exclusive savings on all DALI events!

-  Potential suitor introduction (not guaranteed)

-One to One Coaching   

 (3 sessions)

Cost: £699



  -Weekly live group coaching call

 - Video replay 

- Program handbook 

- Intimate Supportive network

- Free Access to all DALI events

- One to One Coaching (3 sessions)

- Allocated Dating Consultant

- x3 Introductions (Guaranteed)  

Cost: £1,399

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Join the Dali Community 

Step into the world of Dating and Loving It (DALI), the ultimate coaching platform and community exclusively catering to single black and black mix-heritage women, committed to empowerment. At DALI, our mission is nothing short of a revolution in how women approach dating and relationships. Our goal is to empower them to effortlessly draw in an ideal partner, nurture flourishing connections, and craft the life they've always yearned for.

Our unwavering dedication is centered around guiding women through the intricacies of dating and relationships. The remarkable achievements of our clients bear witness to our unbridled enthusiasm. If you're in search of a profound shift in your dating perspective, a refinement of your relationship dynamics, and the realisation of your most cherished life aspirations, look no further than DALI – your ultimate destination for coaching, matchmaking, events, and enriching masterclasses.


Charlotte James

Coaching sessions with Sonia were exactly what the doctor ordered! When she first approached me about being coached I completely dismissed the idea as I thought it’d be a waste of time for her as I thought ‘I’d never change’. I was very mistaken. She was so patient with me and walked & talked me through so many things I didn’t realise about myself that were very major issues that I needed to work on. It was worth every minute.

Bukola Ogunbemi

Sonia is an amazing mentor and coach. She is extremely attentive, caring, focused and understanding. Sonia was always willing to go above and beyond to ensure I had guidance and assistance based on my situation and needs. She worked productively and carefully with my partner and I to work through difficulties in our relationship and effectively coached him to help him reach his goals. I would 100% recommend Sonia!

Lisa Benson, 

signed up thinking that the sessions would be something good to experience. Little did I know that I was embarking on a journey of reshaping my entire way of dating. Sonia is honest committed and tailors the exercises to your specific needs. Sonia is not only a great coach but she really cares and wants the best outcome for you.


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